About the LLDRD

The Labour Law and Development Research Database (LLDRD) is a database on labour law and development emphasizing pluralist, transsystemic understandings of labour law beyond the state. Created by the Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory housed at McGill University's Faculty of Law, the LLDRD offers, to Members of the Labour Law and Development Research Network, unparalleled access to rare, poorly preserved, primary and secondary resources on labour law and development, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and the African diaspora in countries of the North.

Encompassing an array of both historical and current documentation, the LLDRD has been innovatively constructed with the aims to disseminate information that is not easily accessible, to strengthen collaboration between researchers of the North and of the South, and to contribute to the development of a critical analysis of contemporary discourse and theories on globalization, international development, and labour law.